LCA in the Building Industry

The LCA methodology as it relates to the building industry can be pictured as operating at one of four levels: material, product, building, or industry.

LCA International Standards

The 14040 series of ISO (International Organization for Standardization) includes a series of standards relating to LCA.

LCA Terminology

A number of technical terms are used to describe Life Cycle Assessment, its components, and related assessment methods.

Lightweight concrete for adaptive envelopes

 Introduction Development of lightweight concrete for adaptive envelopes is a part of ADAPTIWALL project (“Multi-functional light-weight WALL panel based on ADAPTive Insulation and nanomaterials for energy efficient buildings “, Lightweight concrete is a concrete with a density lower than 2000 kg/m3 following the Eurocodes classification shown in the Table 1: Table 1: Eurocodes density […]

Relative Humidity

In addition to the energy performance and durability of the building envelope, one of the most significant factors within the indoor environment is the relative humidity of the air (RH), which influences the comfort of occupants and the indoor air quality (IAQ). A steady indoor environment, with a small range of temperature and RH variation […]