AMANAC Roadmaps for technology adoption

AMANAC Roadmaps for technology adoption Recommendations for promoting the market uptake of innovative products and services in the Construction and Building Sector  Introduction With the support of the AMANAC Cluster, the BRIMEE and ECO-BINDER European Projects organised the Expert Workshop entitled “Bridging the gap between Research and Market Uptake: Innovative Energy Efficiency Building Solutions” dedicated […]


In a world where resources are becoming scarce and societies are realizing that the conveniences of modern life have a serious impact on the environment, it is becoming more important to analyse engineering designs and find ways to reduce humankind’s environmental burden.

LCA European Standards

The normative framework for the sustainability assessment of buildings, provided by CEN-TC 350 series of standards.

LCA in the Building Industry

The LCA methodology as it relates to the building industry can be pictured as operating at one of four levels: material, product, building, or industry.

LCA International Standards

The 14040 series of ISO (International Organization for Standardization) includes a series of standards relating to LCA.