LCA, LCC Workshop


LCA and cost benefit analysis could be encouraged and guided for all the projects and this will be a good referential database. Since sustainability, eco impact and circular economy are not hype attention points, it will be encouraged to achieve total service costs calculations and responding data of developed project results.

The AMANAC LCA workshop took place on 19th May 2016 in Mati, Greece
along with the 3rd Steering Committee Meeting on 20th May 2016.


The final agenda of the LCA Workshop is availablehere.

  • 04.Collection of Data: Crucial but not easy_Stamatiadou

  • 07.Projection to the future: Energy mix and price_Giannopoulos

  • 06.Comparative Analysis: choosing the appropriate reference_Sie

  • 05.From lab specimen to pilot production: Scaling Up_Widheden

  • 02.Life cycle thinking in the circular economy_Cartasegna

  • 03.Necessity of LCA: Focusing on embodied carbon and energy of building materials_Walker

  • 01.Overview and results of LCA/LCC Activities in AMANAC CSA Projects _Stamatiadou