European Smart Windows Conference 2015 @ Wels/Austria, 25.-27.02.2015 

  • Potential of Hollow Glass Microspheres (3MTM Glass Bubbles) for Thermal Insulation_Wolff_3M

  • Active Daylighting using micro mirror arrays_Viereck_Univ.Kassel

  • Relevance of quality approvals for the glass industry_Siebert_UniBw München

  • Towards Electochromic Windows via Roll-to-Roll Processing_Posset_Fraunhofer ISC

  • Energy Demand for Thin Glass Production_Neumann_Univ.Kassel/CESR

  • Thin-glass membranes for quadruple IG-units_Mader_LiSEC

  • Graphene: potential ITO – replacement as transparent conductive layer_Losurdo_IMIP CNR

  • Novel Encapsulation Technology_Jandl_LiSEC

  • Practical long-term experience with Vacuum Glass_Hohenstein_Hohenstein Consultancy

  • Facade integrated solar thermal collectors _Giovannetti_ISFH

  • Adaptive Building Skins_Cody

  • Towards the certification of 2 mm tempered thin glass_Bohlheim_LiSEC

  • Sputtered TiO2 and WO3 films for Photoelectrochromic Device_Bogati_Fraunhofer Freiburg

  • Life Cycle Data Network as a tool to disseminate innovative projects_Baldassarri_JRC

  • Glass lamination with vacuum bags – why and when_Arnold_InGlas

  • Additives in redox electrolytes for reduction of loss current of electrochromic windows_Islam_ISE