The AMANAC Consortium comprises nine (9) project coordinators or representatives (6 from the Nano-technology and 3 from the Advanced Material projects) from seven EU countries.

Three partners are internationally recognized leading European Universities (NTUA, UBAH, UBT) that their research experience adds value to the mapping and dissemination activities of the project. Five partners are world leading research centers with strong background and expertise in materials research (CETMA, Fhg-ICT, TEC, CBI, TWI) while they have significant experience in technology transfer and work very closely with national and international industries and they will bring this experience into the project. Last but not least, an innovative and project leading SME complete the consortium (FASADA). They are key partners of the consortium and they will lead several of planned activities related to their expertise, such as the “Industrial/SEM Advisory Board”. The collaborating SMEs, research organizations and universities represent a broad range of sectors (e.g. construction sector, materials science and processes, nanotechnology).