Biocomposites for Advanced Profiles Adapted to Building Envelope (OSIRYS Project)

ABSTRACT: An alternative composites answer in the envelope sector is the fabrication by pultrusion of narrow interlocking panel sections and profiles. These impact-resistant structural elements have the advantage of quicker, safer installation and their modular design equally answers many identical building and other applications. An additional development in this area can be the obtaining of a sustainable alternative to current composite profiles. Previous studies have shown that biocomposites manufactured from natural materials such as fibres and bio-derived polymers; offer a sustainable alternative to traditional polymers and composites. The goal of this development is to replace the typical light gauge steel profile with a state of the art bio-composite integrated system. The finish profiles can also be used to finish existing masonry partition walls, cladding mechanical and extraction shafts and column cladding. The profiles have been designed using bio-polymers, reinforced with natural fibres where possible and necessary. Proper formulations of the bioresin, natural fibres and processing parameters have been established. The adaptation of the existing processing pultrusion techniques to the specific characteristics of the new biomaterials and natural fibres has been also assessed. As a result, demonstrators of pultrusion profiles adapted to building envelopes have been carried out incorporating novel materials and bio based resin.

More information:

Inma Roig (,

JEC Composites Magazine, nº 100, 70-73 (2015)

III International Congress on Construction and Building Research, Madrid, 14-16 December 2015

Anales de Edificación, Vol 2, nº 1, 20-25 (2016)

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