Low Embodied Energy Thematic Area

“Thematic Workshop”

About 70 people (engineers and researchers,  local engineer association, companies, R&D centers, Universities, Municipalities etc.) have joined the event (see some pictures attached). The core of the workshop was the presentation of results and activities of the projects (LEEMA, SUS-CON, ISO-BIO and ECO-Binder) with an introductive presentation of AMANAC Cluster and AMANAC CSA.

Great interest was shown  for the projects, not only during the workshop but also at the exhibition area, where some prototypes from SUS-CON and LEEMA were presented, together with posters, roll-ups, flyers and videos of production processes. The 2nd AMANAC newsletter and AMANAC “low EE thematic Area” brochures were distributed and the AMANAC roll-up and the poster of the thematic area was presented. TRE Consortium has provided also a poster of ELISSA project.

  • 04.LEEMA - Low Embodied Energy Insulation Materials and Masonry Components for Energy Efficient Buildings_Zervaki

  • 03.Sustainable, Innovative and Energy-Efficient Concrete, based on the Integration of All-Waste Materials_Largo_SUSCON

  • 02.AMANAC Cluster presentation and role of “Low Embodied Energy” Thematic Area_Saracino_AMANAC

  • 01.Energy Efficiency and Eco-Products in the construction sector: the role of Engineers_Manni

  • 08.Recommendations to speed-up the application of research results into marketable products_Luprano_ENEA

  • 06.ECO-Binder Project_Amati_ECOBinder

  • 05.ISOBIO – Highly insulating, Construction Materials from Bio-derived Aggregates_Sid_ISOBIO

  • 09.Research and innovation priorities to meet the goal of greener and more energy efficient buildings_Corvaglia_EEB