SUS-CON Project Publication (DEC2015)

Geoclustering – Market availability & mapping of waste streams across the EU-27


The objective of this publication is to disseminate the main results and data collected in the WP1 “Geoclustering – Market availability & Mapping of waste streams across the EU-27” of SUS-CON project and consists of four sections. Section one contains an overview on the types of useable secondary raw materials available in Europe for a more efficient use of eco – friendly materials in the construction sector and specifically in the concrete production. The data collected are also addressed to waste processors, in order to support them with updates of the regulatory framework. A critical analysis on regulations and technical specifications on the use of secondary materials as aggregates or binders in the production of eco-friendly concrete has been performed and an overview of EU and national standards for each kind of secondary raw material has been reported, with an excursus also on regulations concerning Health Safety and Environment aspects. Section two primary purpose is to identify and quantify the waste streams useful for the production of the innovative concrete providing a detailed analysis of availability and convenience of use of secondary materials, aiming to achieve a double benefit, reduction of raw materials extraction and increase of material recycling. Section three is devoted to the description of the structured geo-database, based on GIS technology, developed in the SUS-CON project for the storage and management of information on secondary raw materials in Europe. It is one of the modules of SUS-CON Decision Support Tool ( and is destined to waste processers and can provide detailed information on waste availability, costs etc. in different EU countries. Finally, the section four of the publication is dedicated to a brief presentation of SUS-CON project outcomes in terms of concrete products and demonstrators.

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