Facade Design and Engineering: Special Issue AMANAC

FDE_15_ICAE_smallSpecial Issue of Journal of Facade Design and Engineering:

The guest editors: Maria Founti and Julen Astudillo Larraz

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About Journal of Facade Design and Engineering

The Journal of Facade Design and Engineering presents new research results and new proven practice of the field of facade design and engineering. The goal is to improve building technologies, as well as process management and architectural design.

This journal is a valuable resource for professionals and academics involved in the design and engineering of building envelopes, including the following disciplines:

• Architecture
• Building Engineering
• Structural design
• Climate design
• Building Services Engineering
• Building Physics
• Design Management
• Facility Management

The journal will – initially – be directed at the scientific community, but it will also feature papers that focus on the dissemination of science into practice and industrial innovations. In this way, readers explore the interaction between scientific developments, technical considerations and management issues.

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