Research*eu results magazine (Mar2016)


In Issue 49 – February 2016,
three AMANAC-CSA Projects are featured!
The Projects are:SUS-CON,LEEMAandHARWIN!


research*eu results features highlights from the most exciting EU-funded research and development projects. It is published 10 times per year in English, and covers:

  • Biology and medicine
  • Social sciences and humanities
  • Energy and transport
  • Environment and society
  • IT and telecommunications
  • Industrial technologies
  • Space

Marianna Stamatiadou

Marianna Stamatiadou

Research Assistant (Mech. Eng., PhD) at HMCS.NTUA
Marianna Stamatiadou is a research associate in NTUA.HMCS since 2006. Her research interests relate to Sustainable Energy Systems and Multi-criteria Decision Analysis for materials/buildings or thermal energy storage systems. In AMANAC Project, she is responsible for the LCA Thematic Area and dissemination through the website.
Marianna Stamatiadou

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