Interview with PO Dr. Monique Levy



Dr. Monique Levy is being interviewed by the AMANAC Consortium
regarding Clustering activities in H2020, in the frame of the 3rd SC meeting of AMANAC-CSA.

Athens, 19 May 2016

First question by Prof.Maria Founti (NTUA-Greece):
“What was your vision of clustering before “AMANAC” and how has it changed through the activities performed in the last two years?”


Second question by Prof.Monika Willert-Porada (Univ.Bayreuth-Germany):
“In H2020, clustering is an obligation for all projects. How do you understand “clustering”?
What activities should it cover, especially for “Advanced Material” projects?”


Third question by Agnieszka Łukaszewska (PRE FASADA – Poland):
“From the side of the EC, what could you propose as actions and tools that could support clustering of finished projects to improve their impact?”


Fourth question by Christoph Mack (ICT Fraunhofer – Germany):
“AMANAC identified a number of bottlenecks in the process of result commercialization. How can be these obstacles overcome?”


Fifth question by Sonia Saracino (CETMA-Italy):
“What kind of collective activities could be undertaken? What should be the role of industry in these activities?”


Sixth question by Prof.Pete Walker (Univ.Bath – UK):
“How do you see the development of “clustering” in the future (next 5-10 years)?”

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