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Energy is a priority for Europe – President Juncker wants an Energy Union supporting the SET Plan (Strategic Energy Technologies) targets of secure, affordable and sustainable energy.

The low carbon energy technologies and more sustainable buildings needed to meet these goals all rely on the Key Enabling Technology of Advanced Materials (non-ferrous metals, steel, glass, plastics, concrete …) and without innovation, it will be impossible to increase performance, reduce cost and extend lifetime of windmills, solar modules, batteries, electrolysers, building components.

About 5% of Advanced Materials produced today are used in low carbon energy technologies and more sustainable buildings and these markets are developing fast. This is an important opportunity for Europe-based industry of Advanced Materials, currently representing around 30 billion euro of revenues and over 500.000 direct & indirect jobs (close to 50% of EU-based jobs in LCE technologies).

EU is losing leadership in LCE technologies and represents today less than 15% of jobs in the sector (around 1.1. million direct & indirect jobs). In field of Advanced Materials needed for these technologies, EU is also facing growing global competition and without appropriate technology push and market pull policies, innovation and manufacturing will continue leaving EU.

To protect and develop industrial presence in Europe, ambitious policies stimulating market pull & technology push (innovation) of LCE technologies and more sustainable buildings are crucially needed. Supportive policies to ensure innovation and manufacturing in Europe could lead, by 2025+, to creation of 300.000 jobs and a 50% increase in revenues & investments of the EU-based Industry of Advanced Materials while creating strong innovation ecosystems to collaborate & compete globally.


The Seminar aims at:

  • Highlighting the key role of Advanced Materials Industry in tackling the EU energy challenges (presentation by EMIRI)
  • Presenting success stories of new Advanced Materials and solutions for more sustainable buildings in Europe (presentation by AMANAC)
  • Discussing policies / regulations needed to ensure Industrial Leadership of the European Industry of Advanced Materials for low carbon energy technologie (debate discussion)
  • Discussing policies / regulations and innovation in the Building & Construction Industry (debate discussion)

AMANAC-CSA is a Coordination Support Action under Horizon 2020, which promotes the activities of the Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology Cluster (AMANAC), and which aims at disseminating the results of European research on materials for construction and energy efficiency in buildings. AMANAC is the cluster of 29 projects developing advanced materials and relevant systems for energy efficiency in buildings, funded under FP7 or H2020. AMANAC represents 255 project partners, out of which 63% are Large Enterprises or SMEs.

EMIRI (Energy Materials Industrial Research Initiative) is the leading European industry-driven association representing more than 60 organisations (industry, research, associations) active in Advanced Materials for low carbon energy. Our Industry & Research members represent at least 4 billion euro in sales of advanced materials for low carbon energy, invest more than EUR 400 million annually in R&I and can mobilise thousands of researchers. EMIRI contributes to the industrial leadership of EU-based developers & producers of advanced materials for low carbon energy through helping shape an appropriate innovation & manufacturing policy framework based upon SET plan. To reduce innovation risks & accelerate innovation in Advanced Materials, EMIRI calls for the creation of an Innovation Pillar, based on reinforced public private interactions and aligned with innovation priorities of Industry & Integrated SET Plan. In frame of Horizon 2020, EMIRI works with EU Commission DG R&I to launch the Industry-Driven Initiative (IDI) called EMERIT (Energy Materials for Europe – Research & Industry innovating Together) which lays the foundations & innovation priorities of the Innovation Pillar.

More on the success stories emerging from the AMANAC projects …

Representative “success stories” emerging from the AMANAC projects on Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology will be presented. Main project results (in the form of products, concepts, systems) will be presented by key IPR holders (industrial partners of these projects) via a short presentation and/or videos.

The topics to be covered by the selected “success stories” include:

  • Advanced Materials with competitive insulating / thermal, fire and mechanical properties and/or of low embodied energy

    Application Areas: Construction sector, insulation materials and masonry components, Ready mix and precast concrete

  • Prefabricated and precast building elements based on 1) superinsulation materials with excellent thermal, fire and structural performance;  2) modified and pure earthen materials, wood-fibre boards and insulation, straw and flax fibre composites

    Application Areas: Energy efficient buildings with improved thermal, fire, structural and indoor air quality performance

  • Smart windows that include advanced ultra-thin glass membranes, anti-reflective coatings, sealings …

   Application Areas: Façades, Windows, Functional Glazing

Five projects will present “success stories” in key areas of interest to the building value chain:

  • LEEMA: Low Embodied Energy Insulation Materials (

Speaker: Christos Dedeloudis, Imerys, France

Topic: Loose Filling Inorganic, Insulating and Incombustible materials and/or Binders with competitive properties and   significantly reduced embodied energy, based on mineral tailings, used for the development of formed products like Fibre    Boards, Foamed Blocks, Expanded Perlite Boards and Insulating Bricks.

  • SUS-CON: Sustainable, innovative and energy-efficient concrete, based on the integration of all-waste materials (

Speaker:  Ömer Faruk Aydın, Iston Istanbul Beton Elemanlari, Turkey

Topic: Novel lightweight aggregates made of waste materials (mixed plastic waste, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment – WEEE, waste polyurethane foams, scraps of the sorting process of Municipal Solid Waste – MSW, end-of-life       tyre rubber); Novel geopolymeric binders made of waste only (PFA, PFA/GGBS); Novel all-waste lightweight concrete; Precast blocks and panels made of developed concrete. The light-weight, eco-compatible, cost-efficient and all-waste concrete (realized with novel SUS-CON binder and aggregates) is applicable for both ready-mixed products (floor screed and floor screed underlay) and pre-casted applications (blocks and panels).

Speaker: Dr. Dr. Oliver Kreft, Head of Innovation Management of the Xella Group, Germany

Topic:  Internal partition walls based on modified and pure earthen materials, woodfibre boards and insulation, straw and flax fibre composites; Pre-cast lightweight sandwich facade elements based on textile reinforced concrete and foam concrete insulation with self-cleaning surface; Pre-cast lightweight facade elements based on ultra high performance concrete with autoclaved aerated concrete and foam concrete insulation with self-cleaning surface.

Speaker: Prof. H.U. Hummel, Head of Market Management, Knauf Gips KG, Germany.

Topic: Prefabricated load bearing lightweight elements and building modules with optimal thermal performance and in   compliance with Eurocode requirements in terms of fire safety and seismic resilience;

Speaker: Andreas Mader, LiSEC, Austria

Topic: Smart windows; tempered ultra-thin glass membranes, anti-reflective coatings, innovative frame assembly for a four-pane structure, which also allows for a frameless, openable wing in full-glass façades, sealing for the integration of PV and OLED, which takes care of diffusion proofing.

The seminar will take place in Salle Polak at the Résidence Palace, International Press Center, Rue de la Loi 155, Brussels, June 16th 2016 – Time: 09.00 – 10.30 am.

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