NanoCool Workshop (Jul2015)

NANOCOOL is a research project that aims to develop “An Energy Efficient Air Conditioning system with Temperature and Humidity independent controls based on the combination of a Liquid Desiccant Cycle with an adapted conventional air cooling system”.

The workshop is an open free workshop organized in Technology Centre ASCR (NCP for nanomaterials) in order to disseminate the results of the project, the website where you can find all the information is , have a look please.

The speakers invited for the conference are:

  • Sergio Saiz / Manager of the Energy Efficient department in TECNALIA
  • Ing. Stefano Carosio, Ph.D. / Research and Innovation Manager at D’APPOLONIA and co-chairman partnership board EeB cPPP
  • Dr. Gershon Grossman / Fellow ASME and ASHRAE, professor of Mechanical Engineering at TECHNION
  • Ing. Jacob Ask. Hansen, Ph.D. / Senior pro-ject Manager at Teknologisk Institut and pro-ject coordinator of EnE-HVAC
  • RNDr. Petr Pracna, CsC / NCP for nanotechnology and advanced materials, Technical Centre ASCR
  • Technical University of Liberec
  • Brno University of Technology

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