Theme Packs “Materials in Construction” (DEC2015)

These CORDIS ResultsPacks take a look at recent, EU-funded technological developments that are already or will soon be helping the value chain. They were prepared for COP 21 and have just been issued.

cordis result packs

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Buildings’ embodied energy

New materials: Reducing buildings’ embodied energy
The construction industry is one of the biggest consumers of energy and raw materials, and a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. EU research into innovative new building materials is helping the industry reduce its carbon footprint.

Smart windows in buildings

Smart windows: A no-brainer for future buildings
All across Europe, consortiums of EU researchers are working hard on new concepts of smart windows that will help to reduce the energy bill of new and retrofitted buildings. A comfortable place for manufacturers in a growing market and the EU ambitions for reducing its CO2 emissions are at stake.

Building retrofitting and renovation

Old meets green: New technologies to retrofit buildings in Europe
A great deal of EU-funded projects are focusing on the building renovation industry to accelerate the adoption of energy-efficient materials and technologies.

Indoor air quality

Striking a balance between energy efficiency and indoor air quality
Technologies guaranteeing acceptable indoor air quality in EU buildings will be key to the market success of energy efficient solutions. This ResultsPack sheds light on some of the latest breakthroughs in this sector.

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