AMANAC at ECOBuild (FEB2016)

Ecobuild 2016

Dear AMANAC project coordinators,

AMANAC projects are going to be jointly presented at the ECOBUILD fair in London, 8-10 March 2016 (

Please find here the press release. I would be grateful if you could include it in your web sites, further distribute it within your partnersĀ and other potentially interested stakeholders.

We have limited space for exhibiting publicity material of projects that will not have a stand. Please let us know (Sanjeev Naik – e-mail: and me (e-mail: whether you would like to have leaflets of your project being exhibited at the

AMANAC stand/booth and how you can provide them.

The thematic area and the AMANAC leaflets will be exhibited as well.


Thanking you,

Kind regards


Maria Founti

AMANAC-CSA coordinator

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