ELISSA Project Video (Mar2016)

ELISSA targets the development, testing, assessment and demonstration of nano-enhanced lightweight steel skeleton/dry wall systems with improved thermal, vibration/ seismic and fire performance, due to the inherent damping and fire spread prevention properties of carefully preselected inorganic nanomaterials (aerogels, VIPs, MMTs, CNT) and MEMS. Watch the video with the project’s outcome!

Smart Facade Materials conference (Feb2016)

Plenary Talk of Dr. Monique Levy

INCOMERA call for proposal (FEB2016)

INCOMERA is an ERA-NET, co-financed by European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme

AMANAC at ECOBuild (FEB2016)

AMANAC projects are going to be jointly presented at the ECOBUILD fair in London.

ISOBIO: stakeholder survey (Jan2016)

We invite you to take part in this survey. Your responses will help shape the solutions and direction of the ISOBIO project.